7 Features That Date Your Home

Features That Date Your Home
From ReMax.Com
There’s a fine – and often subjective—line between “vintage” and “dated” when it comes to home features. Buyers tend to be willing to pay more for a contemporary-looking property. But how do you determine whether to invest in an update? Here are a few features it’s pretty safe to say are long past their expiration date.

1. Popcorn ceilings

Also known as acoustic, or cottage cheese ceilings, they were styled using a popular spray-on ceiling finish for decades. Fortunately, the finish is easy enough to remove using a variety of DIY methods.

2. Tiled countertops

Even if they’re not from the 40s or 50s, once you’ve wasted time scrubbing grout clean, you’ll understand why these should go.

3. Brass

Back in the 80s, brass fixtures shone from everywhere they could be screwed or plugged in. That kind of home bling worked back when everyone wondered who shot J.R. To appeal to today’s buyer, update to a more neutral shade such as black or gray, or you can go with the very trendy copper.

4. Mauve

Also known as dusty rose, in the 80s this color infested everything from walls and carpets to Don Johnson’s “Miami Vice” blazers. Try swapping out for more neutral colors.

5. Short backsplashes

Popular in the 90s, colored glass and funky tile short backsplashes added color to kitchens. But they also visually shortened the kitchen walls. Replace them with tiles that reach all the way to the ceiling to make the space look larger.

6. Light wood cabinets

They were everywhere in the 90s, but are a quick, inexpensive update. Just grab some paint or stain from the hardware store.

7. Wood paneling

Generally speaking, if you can envision Marsha, Cindy, and Jan giggling in front of it, it needs to go.

Not sure what to scrape, paint or replace? Your Realtor can help suggest what updates may be worth the investment. Find one here: http://www.remax.com/officeagentsearch/.


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