Granville: A small town in a big city

Granville Ohio is a postcard town nested in the rolling hills just East of Columbus Ohio off the 161 freeway. It’s home to Denison University, a fantastic array of boutique shops, diners and award winning historic hotels and has a very unique charm that is unmistakable. The local Granville Ohio Farmers Market draws many hundreds each Saturday morning in the summer while the ‘cut your own’ Christmas Tree farms bustle with joy and cheer in the winter. The ebb and flow of energetic college youth spark the downtown area diners with a certain flavor that keeps it vibrant yet very safe and peaceful. If you’re looking fortraditional small town charm just minutes from the freeway into Columbus this may be the place for you.

Granville was founded by New Englanders in 1805, hence the fact that it looks like a New England village “plopped” down in the middle of Ohio. With Denison University drawing in not only great students but some of the best educators, professors and administrators in the country helps make Granville a town centered around education. In fact, many residents say the main “business” of Granville is raising kids, which is the primary draw for folks relocating to Granville Ohio. The schools are so highly rated that The Wall Street Journal has named Granville as having the #2 public schools in America. The real estate market in Granville Ohio is prime and the amount of great homes on the market at any given time is a sign of growth and change, yet many home sellers stay in the area. Granville has had a controlled, slow growth for many years, a trend that might be subject to change somewhat with the opening of the new 161 highway to Columbus. Nevertheless, Granville remains a beautiful place to live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

What truly defines Granville is the participation of the community. Quick to support, both with their time and financial backing, the citizens of Granville have truly made it a special place to live. They have kept the beautiful downtown alive with numerous events throughout the year, including the farmers market, the annual Blues Fest, the famous 4 day long 4th of July Festival, numerous concerts, and an outstanding Christmas Walk in December. Granville also has wonderful parks and recreation facilities with the labor and contributions of the community.

There are many historic homes, new build communities and condo’s to choose from that will likely match your lifestyle needs. To really get the feel for the town drive through on a Saturday afternoon or better yet give Jill or Ron a call and they can give you a guided tour on the house. When you need a helping hand in relocating to the Granville Ohio area Ron and Jillare here to help with all of your Real Estate needs

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