Tips for Selling a House from New Albany to Dublin

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All of us on the Kendle Team believe our job as real estate agents in Columbus, Ohio is about focusing on every single aspect of helping our clients sell a house. We ensure that we do far more than place your home on our listing service, stick a sign in the lawn, and then wait for the phone to ring. That’s the easy part, yet far too many agents and companies just stop there.

Instead, it’s truly about offering advice and instructing you on how to make your home most appealing and stand out from the competition. You deserve an actual consultant and advisor who shares his or her experience and provides every possible advantage to help sell your house quickly for the most amount of money.

If you’re considering selling a house, I’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare for placing your New Albany house for sale.

1) Research the Market: Some of this you can definitely do on your own, but for help in effectively analyzing how houses are currently being bought and sold in the Westerville, Worthington, and Dublin areas, you’ll want to know how much comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for and the stretch of time it’s taking for the typical house to sell. This is crucial in ensuring that your house is properly priced – the first time – for the area.

2) Be Realistic: A good real estate agent will help you stay grounded: regardless of how quickly or slowly houses in your area are selling, or what the prices are, your situation may be different. There are a number of issues that may affect what you should expect.

3) Sprucing Up: Cast a discerning glare upon your house and determine what smaller improvements you can make to both the interior and exterior. This is probably not the right time to launch any significant remodeling efforts, but some new paint, landscaping, and general cleaning can help greatly in that all-important “curb appeal.” Again, part of our job is to evaluate your home and give you an objective opinion. You can also ask a neighbor or family member for an objective opinion.

Worthington, Dublin realtors.

4) Say Goodbye to the Clutter: This not only will help your home to “show” better to prospective buyers, it will serve to help you prepare for the move itself. But, most importantly, a cluttered house turns off possible buyers – it diminishes the perception of space and interferes with their ability to imagine the home as their own. Dive into your decluttering process one room at a time, and prepare boxes for donating, keeping, selling, or tossing.

5) Slowly Start to Pack: This helps with the decluttering process and move preparation. No, you don’t want to pack away too much, but plan ahead and pack clothing that won’t be needed for several months and generally anything that you won’t be using for awhile, including keepsakes, books, etc.

Of course, these tips for selling a house in Columbus are just the tip of the iceberg! We have plenty more to guide in a succesful direction. Contact me anytime for more information and advice at 614-325-6295 or

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