Worthington, a touch of New England in Ohio

Founded in 1803 during the time Ohio joined the Union. Worthington was named after one of its founders Thomas Worthington who later became Governor. Worthington was settled by a group of New England families from Connecticut and Massachusetts. It was because of their New England culture that Worthington has a very familiar east coast colonial feel to the town.  Now since, the 1940’s  Worthington has boomed, when the 1950 population of 2,128 ballooned to 15,326 by 1970. It was a period of annexations, new subdivisions and new schools almost annually. Interstate 270 was completed in 1975, defining Worthington’s northern boundary. At this time, growth again stabilized, although the present Worthington School District still includes significant areas outside the city boundaries.

Worthington is home to several major industries yet still has the small town New England feel.  Let the Kendle Real Estate Team help you find a home in this beautiful and historic Ohio town that site just within the 270 outerbelt. Close to fine dining and the best malls in the country. Don’t forget to ask about our low listing fee!

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