Hit Your Goal This New Year: Why Winter is a Great Time to List and Sell a House

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by Ron Kendle

Perhaps you think that the only proper time to list a house for sale is spring and summer. There’s nothing wrong with such a plan, but there are several reasons that selling a house in Columbus, Ohio in the dead of winter can be extremely advantageous. At the Kendle Team, we love taking on new sellers at the first of the year. Here’s why:

Why Winter is a Great Time to List and Sell a House

Less Competition: It’s easier for a house for sale in New Albany or Westerville to stand out during the winter months. While the advantages of reduced competition are more or less self-explanatory, it simply means that more potential buyers and buyer’s agents will be aware of your house for sale. Of course, less competition allows you to be pickier and encourages the likelihood of you receiving (or exceeding) the asking price for a house for sale in Columbus or Dublin, Ohio.

Winter Buyers are Serious Buyers: Very few people are willing to brave a harsh Ohio winter just to roam around in the cold “kicking the tires” on a list of houses for sale in New Albany. As such, they are more likely to be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan and will not be wasting your time with frivolous showings or visiting an Open House just to “gauge the market.” Potential home buyers in the winter are ready to buy!

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New Year’s Resolutions: The first of the year focuses people to act on goals and desires for the future. This can be especially true for first time home buyers determined to finally commit to buying a house. The bustle of the busy holiday season is over, yet the romanticism of the holidays carries over as people determine an objective of establishing their own family nests. Putting your house on the market in January positions you to gain their attention.

In addition to these three points, selling a house in the winter makes for perfect timing if you will then be buying a new house for yourself. Once your New Albany or Westerville property is sold and the closing is underway, all of the “Spring Sellers” will be listing their houses for sale. You end up a step ahead of the game and hold more power and options than home sellers: they still have to sell, but you don’t. You can be choosier and more conservative with your offers to buy a house in Dublin, Worthington, or Columbus.

At the Kendle Team, our real estate agents love working with both home buyers and sellers during the winter months. As it is a slightly slower time, it allows us even more opportunity to get to know our clients and focus even more on every available option to making your sale or purchase of a house that much easier and beneficial.

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